The republican establish ment in Boston has decided that there will be no Get Out the Vote for Donald Trump phone calls in the regional Mass Victory offices.  donald Trump has opened an office in Hudson, MA  A worker there told me that calls for Donald Trump for president can be made from home.  Go to: and create an account.  YOu will need a computer, a headset or a regular phone.  The campaign has provided a script to follow but the most important thing in the next two months is reaching out to voters and cutting through the horrible media bias against Trump.  You can find more information t:  and

America is Back
I am Your Voice

It's a very exciting time for America. Your voices represent a bright new future for our great nation full of more opportunities for everyone, not just a select few. Together, we have created a movement that continues to gain momentum. Together, we are making history. Together, we are bringing back the American Dream. The time is now. Together, we WILL Make America Great Again!