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Please join Greg McKelvey, candidate for Mashpee selectboard in the October 4th special election.  Greg will be at the Lanes in the Mashpee Commons this Wednesday evening September 14th,  between 5:30 and 7:30 for a Meet and Greet event.  This is NOT a fundraiser and no donations will be accepted.
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Get Involved
Signing the petition indicates support for placing the recently-passed law allowing illegal immigrants to be issued drivers licenses by the RMV on the November ballot. That election will include races for Governor and other statewide candidates, state representatives, and state senators.

A majority of NO votes in November would repeal the law.
We must gather 60,000 signatures by August 24.

All Massachusetts registered voters can sign. But only once.
Signatures must be in blue or black ink. No flair pens. And no ink that will leak through to the other side.

No stray marks, writing, or highlighting on the petition. This includes numbering and/or initialing sheets. Extraneous markings can disqualify the entire sheet.

Signatures must be collected from only one town per sheet. Thus, registered voters from different towns cannot sign the same sheet. If a voter is from a different town, start a fresh sheet for that town.

If someone signs a sheet for the wrong town, do not cross off the name. The signature is no good, but it will not disqualify the sheet. Likewise, if a voter signs twice, do not cross out the name.

Sheets need not be full. Sheets should be turned in to the appropriate town clerk’s office often throughout the collection period for qualification. Sheets can also be mailed to:
PO Box 116,
North Andover, MA 01845  before Aug 19, 2022. 

The Initiative Campaigns will schedule days throughout the gathering period for collecting and distributing signature sheets from out of your area.The first gathering date is Monday, July 11, from 4 to 7 p.m., at the MassGOP Satellite office, 10 Technology Park Drive, Westford.

You can make copies of signature sheets. All sheets must be exact 2-sided duplicates of those produced by the Secretary of State’s Office. Thus, a one-sided sheet is invalid; a sheet where the reverse side is upside down is invalid; two one-sided sheets stapled together are invalid; shrunken sheets are invalid. All sheets must be printed on white paper. (These instructions are important for print-your-own petitions)To arrange another method to get sheets, let Wendy know,

More information on collecting signatures and the initiative process is available in the Secretary of State’s Guide to State Ballot questions, available on line at

For more information, email Wendy Wakeman at

Wendy Wakeman

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